Friday, 23 November 2012

Issue in installing Scrumbler plugin in redmine 1.3.1

I need to deploy the Scrumbler plugin in our redmine server (on redmine 1.3.1).

For installing, go to redmine home directory and run the git command

# cd /usr/backup/redmine-1.3.1

# git clone git:// vendor/plugins/redmine_scrumbler
Run migrations
# rake db:migrate:plugin NAME=redmine_scrumbler 

I did the steps as per plugin documentation but it was not successful, I got the following problem:

rake aborted!
development database is not configured

Solution for this problem is, I have to run migrate like this:

# rake db:migrate:plugin NAME=redmine_scrumbler RAILS_ENV=production

Check your redmine-home/config/database.yml file

  adapter: mysql
  database: redmine_default
  host: localhost
  username: redmine
  password: redmine
  encoding: utf8

Here we have production database configured, so the additional parameter is to be passed.

But this time I got the error

rake aborted! undefined method `application' for Rails:Module

Solution for this issue is to run the following git command in the redmine_scrumbler plugin directory. i.e. in my case /usr/backup/redmine-1.3.1/vendor/plugins/redmine_scrumbler

# git reset --hard a588932639c69ba7736a8b46ff4c683186dab94d

I got this tip from this issue link


Now run migrations

# rake db:migrate:plugin NAME=redmine_scrumbler RAILS_ENV=production

and restart redmine. This should install the Scrumbler plugin.