Monday, 15 August 2011

Changing remote computer’s IP configuration from command line

1) I used PsExec tool to run command in a remote computer. It can be downloaded from
PsExec tool execute a process on a remote computer.
Syntax: psexec \\computer[,computer[,..] [options] command [arguments]

2) Now the command I will use to change the IP configuration is netsh.
netsh is a command-line tool for updating Windows network configuration settings. It also has options for configuring remote systems but in this example I am not going to use that.
We can also use netsh to find the IP configuration information.

3) We can even use it to enable or disable windows firewall.
For Windows XP use the following:
 For Windows Vista and above:

4) To change a computer’s network adapter to use static IP address:
I have configured vaibhav’s adapter with the static IP netmask and default gateway

5) To change a computer’s network adapter to use dynamic IP address from DHCP server:

netsh command is wonderful and it has many options. Explore it to enjoy its full functionality.

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