Saturday, 20 August 2011

Changing Time Zone of a Netscaler Load Balancer

This is very simple. Please follow the below steps:

Step1: Login to the Netscaler command line interface using tools like putty.

Step2: Enter the command configns and this will bring the Netscaler configuration menu.

Step3: To change the time zone, select the option 4. Time zone and press Enter.

Step4: From the Time Zone Selector menu, select the region. In our case it is number 5. Asia. Select 5 and press Enter.

Step5: Next we have to select the country from the country list, in our case select number 13. India and press Enter.

Step6: We have to acknowledge the confirmation of the change.

Step7: Once we acknowledge the confirmation, we will be in the Netscaler configuration menu. Select option 6 to apply the changes we made and exit the configns utility.

To verify that our changes are been applied, go to shell using shell command and then verify it using date command.

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