Monday, 15 August 2011

Creating a new Tomcat5.5 Instance

Please follow the following steps to create a new Tomcat Instance:
  • Copy the entire working tomcat directory structure (Suppose from existing D:\Tomcat_existing to new E:\Tomcat_new)
  • Edit the server.xml file of the new instance E:\Tomcat_new
  • Change the default shutdown port from 8005 to some other port (like 8006)
  • Change the default http port from 8080 to some other port (like 8090)
  • Change the default connection port from 8009 to some other port (like 8010)
  • Save server.xml
  • Delete the contents of logs directory in the new instance
  • Edit the file and add a new worker process with port 80XX
  • Create a new Tomcat service for the new instance. I used one utility called tomcat service manager (tsm.exe URL ) to create the tomcat service.

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