Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Creating multiple instances in Tomcat 7

Creating multiple tomcat instances in windows is never been so easy as with Tomcat 7. It’s very easy with the Windows installer; also the installer creates the windows service. No manual work of creating new directory, copying files, editing configuration files and creating windows service. All these can be done through the new Tomcat 7 windows installer.
Suppose I want to create three tomcat instances. Run the installer and in the Configuration Options select the appropriate ports and service name for each instance.
Suppose my first instance is Tomcat7_KNIT, enter the ports as per requirement and also the name of the name of the Windows service for this instance.

 Select the installation location

To create my second instance Tomcat7_Nirman, again run the tomcat installer. At the configuration options select ports different from the first instance.

Select the installation folder

Similarly for the 3rd instance, select the ports and installation directory after running the installer

After the installation is done, I can see the three tomcat services. The name of a service is prefixed by Apache Tomcat 7.0 . By default the service startup is manual, if required change it to automatic.

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