Sunday, 14 August 2011

Small Trick to open the windows command prompt

Scenario: We had a problem in one of our servers. We were not able to run any executable file from windows run, from the task manager New task (run…), using the shortcut on the desktop, or from the Start menu. The registry entries for the executable files were damaged. We were not able to run the registry editor, windows explorer, command prompt etc. We could not run any tool, antivirus etc. I used one trick to open the command prompt, using the command prompt I was able to install and run a web-browser, after that I could download and install antivirus etc. and run them from command prompt.
It is very very simple and I think it may be useful for us in future.
The trick:
Right Click on any file like text file, image file etc. and select open with command processor

So here is my command prompt 1,  and I can do my stuffs now 36.

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