Friday, 12 August 2011

Sending Mail and SMS alert on different events from Dell Open Manage Server Administrator Application

With little work we can receive different alerts in our mailboxes or mobiles from the Dell servers we manage, so that we can take corrective action at the earliest.
Login to Dell Open Manage Server Administrator application.

Go to the Alert Management tab

There are two types of events for which we can specify alert action

  • System Event and
  • Storage Event

In this example we are going to configure alert for Processor Warning under System Event .

Click on Processor Warning

We can configure three types of actions for an event
  • Display an alert message on the server: When enabled, the monitor attached to the system from which you are running Server Administrator displays a visual alert message.
  • Broadcast a message: On Microsoft Windows operating systems, an alert message is broadcast to all users that have an active Terminal (or Remote Desktop) session.
    On Linux operating systems, an alert message is broadcast only to operators that have an active shell on the local system.
  • Execute application: Execute s an application program. You must supply the name of the executable and its fully qualified path on your system. When enabled, Server Administrator executes the program you specify to diagnose, solve, or otherwise intervene and take corrective action.

Now we are going to use the third option Execute Application to run a shell script (in linux) or a batch script (in windows) which will send email and SMS alert to the concerned persons of this server.
We can write different scripts for different events as per our requirement and specify for each event we want to receive alert.
In my Linux server I have created a shell script which will send SMS and email to me on this event and I am going to specify the path of this script.
Check the check box Execute application and specify the absolute path of the script.

Click Apply Changes to save the action.

Now Click on Go Back To Actions Page to go to the alert action page.

Now we can see that for the System Event Processor Warning our action has been set.

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