Friday, 23 August 2013

Time spent report in redmine

We use Redmine (currently 2.1.6) for issue tracking system. Most of our users wanted to generate their time spent report from it. As redmine’s reports were not fulfilling our requirements, so I decided to write one small report app as per our requirement. I am Ruby on Rails illiterate Sad smile, and as the requirement was immediate, so I wrote the report in PHP. Just changed a little code of redmine to redirect one user to his/her report page.

To access this report one has to go to the My account link


I modified the source code of this file to add the View Time Spent Report on this page. To generate report click on this link.



Currently two types of reports can be generated, first is Show All Tasks. Using it you can see all your issue updates (wherever you had specified some time spent value) for a selected period.


To view details of an issue, click on the issue id.


The second report you can generate, is project wise time spent report. If you are working in multiple projects, this report can be useful for you.



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Jainesh Dalicha said...

Hi Pranab,

Could you share the more details on which file did you change the code and if possible to share snap of your base code in php, that would be really helpful.

@your old ITInfra colleague.

Jainesh Dalicha

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