Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Installing free license in NetScaler VPX Express

To download the free license, login to My Citrix using your username and password.

Go to Downloads link and select Netscaler from the Search Download by Product

Go to License section and click on Get License button.

Click on the Serial Number (this Serial Number you will get when you download the Netscaler VPX Express)

Now we have to enter the Host name of the Citrix License server, in case of Netscaler it is the MAC address of the appliance:

To find the MAC address of the Netscaler appliance, connect to Netscaler system using tool like Putty. In the Netscaler prompt, enter the command shell to go to the shell.
After you are in the shell enter the command lmutil lmhostid –ether , it will display the host ID of the machine.

Copy the host ID and paste it and click on Allocate button.

Once your license allocation process is completed, you will get a button to download the license file. Download the license file and save it in some location in your computer.

Now login to Netscaler.

Go to System -> Licenses

Click on the Manage Licenses

Click on Add button on Manage License window:

Browse and select the license that we just downloaded.

Once the license is added, click on the OK button.

Once the license is deployed, it will ask to reboot the system to apply the changes.

After reboot, my license deployment is complete, I can see that some of the disabled features are enabled now.

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